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Leshawna used the same force in the same way to push on three boxes. The boxes weighed 3 kg, 5 kg, and 10 kg. Which box moved most quickly, and which moved most slowly?
a) The 10 kg box moved most quickly; the 3 kg box moved most slowly.
b) The 5 kg box moved most quickly; the 10 kg box move most slowly.
c) The 10 kg box moved most quickly; the 5 kg box moved most slowly
d) The 3 kg box moved most quickly; the 10 kg box moved most slowly.

Eduardo pours himself a glass of cola with ice in it. Identify which objects are solid, liquid, and gas.
a) The cola is the solid, the ice is the liquid, and the bubbles are the gas.
b) The ice is the solid, the bubbles are the liquids, and the cola is the gas.
c) The bubbles are the solids, the cola is the liquid, and the ice is the gas.
d) The ice is the solid, the cola is the liquid, and the bubbles are the gas.

When you hook up a battery to a complete circuit, what flows through the wires from one pole of the battery to the other?
a) Heat
b) Electricity
c) Light
d) Sound

Which object helps people understand what makes up white light?
a) Barometer
b) Prism
c) Microscope
d) Thermometer

In an experiment, Jackson tested to see how the size of rocks affects the amount of dirt that washes away when water flows downhill. Which variable was manipulated?
a) Amount of water
b) Slope of the hill
c) Size of the rocks
d) Type of dirt

A group of students was preparing an activity to determine whether certain materials will float or sink when placed on water. Before the experiment started, one student said, “I think the sponge will float.” This statement was —
a) a conclusion
b) a fact
c) an observation
d) a prediction

The object appears larger under water because the water —
a) absorbs light
b) produces light
c) repels light
d) refracts light

Sandy is conducting an investigation to find out which food his dog likes best. Which is the manipulated variable in his investigation?
a) The color of his dog’s food dish
b) The kind of food he gives his dog
c) The amount of food he gives his dog
d) The time of day he feeds his dog

A shiny aluminum screen can be placed on the windshield of a parked car. This screen helps to keep the car cool because it —
a) reflects the sunlight
b) absorbs heat
c) causes evaporation
d) conducts electricity

Which of these substances conducts electricity the best?
a) Wood
b) Brick
c) Copper
d) Plastic

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