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Behavior that doesn’t depend on learning or experience is known as
a) innate behavior
b) learned behavior
c) social behavior
d) survival behavior

Behavior that depends on experience is known as
a) learned behavior
b) innate behavior
c) social behavior
d) survival behavior

________________ are animals that eat ______________
a) predators; predators
b) predators; prey
c) prey; prey
d) prey; predators

A survival behavior to avoid competition is
a) marking territory
b) courtship
c) parenting
d) finding food

A survival behavior to attract mates is
a) courtship
b) finding food
c) defensive action
d) marking territory

A survival behavior that protects resources from other animals is
a) defensive action
b) courtship
c) finding food
d) marking territory

_____________ and _______________ are seasonal behaviors
a) migration; slowing down
b) migration; courtship
c) courtship; slowing down
d) all of the choices

________________ happens in the ______________
a) estivation; summer
b) hibernation; spring
c) estivation; winter
d) hibernation; fall

What do biological clocks control?
a) daily cycles
b) seasonal cycles
c) cycles of internal change
d) all of the choices

a biological clock that control daily cycles is called
a) circadian rhythm
b) daily rhythm
c) cycle of internal change
d) cycle of daily change

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