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Students are gathering materials and building an electrical circuit. Which material will allow electricity to flow between the battery and the light bulb?
a) copper wire
b) wooden rod
c) cotton string
d) rubber tube

A metal spoon was left in a pot of boiling soup. The cook burned a finger by touching the spoon. Why did the finger get burned?
a) The metal spoon chemically reacted with the cook’s hand.
b) The metal spoon conducted electricity to the cook’s hand.
c) The metal spoon conducted heat to the cook’s hand.
d) The metal spoon insulated the cook’s hand.

Which best describes a parallel circuit?
a) Electricity flows along one pathway.
b) The flow of electricity comes from one source.
c) Electricity flows along more than one pathway.
d) The flow of electricity comes from more than one source.

A circuit with two light bulbs is a series circuit when...
a) it has two light bulbs.
b) the same current flows through two light bulbs.
c) it uses a single battery.
d) the current is divided between two light bulbs.

A nail wrapped with wire and connected to a battery is called a(n)
a) electromagnet.
b) electric motor.
c) electric generator.
d) transformer.

Which electromagnet has the greatest electric field?
a) Nail wrapped with one wire coil connected to battery.
b) Nail wrapped with two wire coils connected to battery.
c) Nail wrapped with three wire coils connected to battery.
d) Nail wrapped with four wire coils connected to battery.

A balloon has a negative charge. A glass rod has a positive charge.
a) The balloon will be attracted to the rod.
b) The balloon will be repelled by the rod.
c) The balloon will remain in place.
d) The balloon will spin in circles.

At which location is Earth’s magnetic field the strongest?
a) Equator
b) Prime meridian
c) The North and South Poles
d) Tropic of Cancer

When electric current flows through the metal filament of a light bulb, electrical energy is converted to
a) heat energy only.
b) heat and light energy.
c) light and motion energy.
d) light energy only.

Which of the following converts electrical energy into motion?
a) light switch
b) electric stove
c) light bulb
d) electric fan

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