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There are two kinds of survey questions. They are
a) Opening and closing
b) Open ended and closed ended
c) Open source and close source
d) Direct and indirect

Understanding customers' needs and wants require the 4Ps. The 4ps include
a) Price, Produce, Primitive and Productivity
b) Price, place, Promotion and product
c) Pie, Pivot, Primal, Perimeter and Produce
d) Answer is not found here

What is the last step in designing and conducting a market survey?
a) Analyse the the data
b) Conduct the survey
c) Designing the quesitonaire
d) Choose the survey method

These tourists travel to another country for medical treatment.
a) medical tourists
b) mature tourists
c) leisure tourists
d) sports tourists

These tourists travel because of their jobs and usually have a fixed timeline for their travel.
a) mature tourists
b) business tourists
c) special interest tourists
d) sports tourists

Part of marketing is to find out how customers are grouped. Customers are grouped in either male or female is known as?
a) gender
b) income
c) social
d) lifestyle

When customers are grouped based on where they live or work, this is also known as ?
a) benefit sought
b) social
c) lifestyle
d) Geographical location

A group of customers with similar needs and wants that a business chooses to serve is known as which of the following
a) Target score
b) Target market
c) Target group
d) Special interest target

What is marketing?
a) Knowing what ALL customers want
b) Satsifying customers' needs and wants as good as competitors
c) Identifying the needs and wants of ALL customers
d) Identifying the needs and wants of CHOSEN customers

There are 5 survey methods. They are
a) Wink at the teacher. He has the answer.
b) contact, mail it, interenet, face to face and indirect
c) personally, post it, internet, face to face and direct
d) Observation, Personal survey, telephone survey, personal survey, postal survey and online survey

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