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Why was it important for Kim to plant seeds?
a) She wanted to start a community garden.
b) She wanted to make her father proud.
c) Her family needed more food.
d) She needed more friends after her husband died.

Who is Ana?
a) An old Romanian woman who doesn't like the change in her neighborhood
b) A middle aged black woman who fights to have the lot cleaned up
c) Not a character in the book.
d) The caretaker of an elderly man

How does Wendell help the garden?
a) He tells Ana to mind her business
b) He goes to city council to get the lot cleaned
c) He helps Kim's plants survive
d) He buys fence for the property

How does Tio Juan change in Gonzalo's chapter?
a) He learns English to communicate with the gardeners
b) He learns to plant seeds after many tries
c) He grows more mature through his challenges
d) He feels more useful after planting seeds

How does Leona help the garden?
a) She brings her classroom to learn about planting
b) She fights for the garden to be cleaned up
c) She shows her children how to protect the plants
d) She advertises the benefits of the garden

What problems does Sam speak of?
a) People are still throwing garbage into the lot
b) The garden is divided by race
c) The gardeners have difficulty watering their plants
d) All of the above

Who helps Virgil and her father?
a) Tio Juan
b) Sam
c) Miss Fleck
d) Wendell

What does the garden provide for Sae Young?
a) A way to make extra money for her sisters
b) She finds a new husband at the garden
c) A new way to bring customers to her dry cleaners
d) A replacement for the family that she lost

How does Curtis change in his chapter?
a) He becomes more mature and hard working
b) He starts to love Lateesha
c) He learns to grow the best onions in the state
d) He makes his family proud

What is an example of a simile?
a) It seemed to me that we were in truth in Paradise, a small Garden of Eden.
b) As still as a cat, behind that lace curtain, there was her face, staring down at the sign
c) God, who made Eden, also wrecked the Tower of Bable, by destroying people.
d) The smells enough to turn up a crocodile's nose, especially in the summer.

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