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Pick the adverb
a) Happy
b) Happiest
c) Happily
d) Happier

Pick the adverb (there are more than one)
a) Before
b) After
c) closely

which sentence has an adverb
a) The park is nearby my home
b) The park is by my home
c) The park is near my home

Pick the Adverb
a) Sad
b) Sadly
c) Saddest
d) Sadder

Pick the adverb
a) Slow
b) Slowly
c) Slower
d) Slowest

Which sentence has an adverb
a) My cat ran to me
b) My cat ran
c) My cat ran slowly to me

Which sentence has an adverb
a) My dad drove quickly to the market
b) My dad drove to the market
c) My dad drove

Which sentence has an adverb?
a) My dog ran to me
b) My dog ran quickly to me
c) My dog ran

Pick the adverb
a) Around
b) Cutely
c) During
d) done

Which sentence has an adverb in it?
a) My mother runs quickly upstairs
b) My mother runs upstairs
c) My mother runs

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