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Which of the following objects are not contained within an Access Database?
a) Tables and forms
b) Queries and reports
c) Macros and modules
d) Web sites and worksheets

Which of the following is a file that consists of one or more tables and the supporting objects used to get data into and out of the tables.
a) Database
b) Form
c) Table
d) Query

A customer name, address, city, state, and zip code make up a set of data called a:
a) field
b) record
c) table
d) data

A collection of records that is capable of supporting other objects, such as a report, are called:
a) record
b) data sets
c) tables
d) fields

A grid used to display data in rows and columns is called the __________ View.
a) report
b) datasheet
c) design
d) table

A field that requires unique data is called a:
a) primary key
b) unique indicator
c) row indicator
d) specialty field

The object that best displays one record at a time is a:
a) table
b) query
c) report
d) form

Which of the following will sort alphabetically?
a) descending
b) ascending
c) sort up
d) sort down

Which of the following is a database object that enables you to ask questions about the data stored in a database and returns the answers in the order from the records that match your instructions.
a) record
b) report
c) form
d) query

To select a specific criteria that is an equal value to one of the fields, use the:
a) Filter by selection command
b) Advanced Filter command
c) Filter by Form command
d) Equitable Search command

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