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What is one purpose of semicolons?
a) to separate compound sentences
b) to create a list
c) to separate dates andyear
d) to separate cities and stated

What is the purpose of a colon?
a) to create space
b) to separate a list
c) to separate compound sentences
d) to divide words

Read this sentence. Mexico, however, should also be mentioned in the same breath, thanks to the following artists Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, and David Alfaro Siqueiros. What is the correct punctuation of the underlined part of the sentence?
a) A artists: Diego River
b) A artists: Diego River
c) C artists—Diego Rivera
d) D artists, Diego Rivera

Read this sentence. Although hydrogen is indeed plentiful, it is normally combined with other elements, such as oxygen or carbon moreover it must be separated before it can be used. Which is the best revision of the underlined portion of the sentence
a) A carbon; moreover, it
b) B carbon moreover; it
c) B carbon moreover; it
d) D carbon, moreover; it

Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?
a) A We, finally, found all of the ingredients in the cupboard; therefore we were able to bake the cake.
b) B Many of the birds appeared sick, however, the veterinarian declared each healthy.
c) C Each person was allowed to take only one box for lunch; however, Jontavius took three.
d) D The park ranger was considerate of our situation, therefore; he gave us a free night of camping.

Read the sentence. Idaho is filled with many natural wonders rainforests, alpine peaks, barren deserts, fertile farmland, plus places like the River of No Return. Which is the correct place to use a colon in the sentence?
a) A after the word wonders
b) B after the word farmland
c) C after the word places
d) D after the word like

In which box should there be a semicolon (;)?
a) A We left the concert early and went straight home.
b) B Apples are my favorite fruit pears are a close second.
c) C Because we expected rain we moved the picnic inside
d) D Turn the heat down That pot is boiling over

In which sentence is a semicolon used correctly?
a) A The rain fell all morning; before the weather cleared up in time for the game
b) B All of the students wanted to stop at the park; on the short walk home from school.
c) When we arrived on the bus; the entire park was filled with interesting caves.
d) The very old house on the corner did not look old; it had been restored and looked beautiful.

In which sentence is a semicolon used correctly?
a) A By carefully memorizing her lines; Amica performed well at the play try-outs.
b) B Cassandra clapped with enthusiasm; her team had won the soccer match.
c) C Lamar wanted a tuna sandwich for lunch; but his mom gave him a hamburger.
d) D After Jackson used a new method for shooting free-throws; he made six in a row

Which of the following uses the semicolon correctly?
a) A Every year geese fly over my house; as they migrate south for the winter.
b) B When the joggers came around the corner; the deer scurried into the forest.
c) C Mary likes to go to the zoo:Joanne enjoys shopping at the mall.
d) D Mary likes to go to the zoo; Joanne enjoys shopping at the mall.

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