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What is the setting of the passage
a) a concert hall
b) a school
c) the mountains
d) the distant past

Based on the story, Mr. Largo is different from Ken because Mr. Largo is
a) a poor musician.
b) uninterested in drums
c) older than Ken
d) younger than Ken

Based on the story, which word BEST describes Lana?
a) talented
b) courageous
c) unfriendly
d) compassionate

What is the final even in the story?
a) Lana chooses her instrument for band.
b) Ken and Lana agree to meet the next day.
c) Mr. Largo discourages Ken from taking lessons
d) Ken and Lana become interested in band lessons

Which of the following is an example of dialog?
a) Ken and Lana agreed to meet the next day to discuss what instruments they had chosen
b) Ken and Lana both went up to sign their names
c) 'I think I'd like to play the drums,' said Ken.
d) They were unsure which instrument to choose.

What is the conflict in the passage?
a) Mr. Largo announced to the class that band lessons were starting soon.
b) Ken and Lana both went up to sign their names.
c) Lana didn't know which instrument to choose.
d) Ken chose the drums

What is the first even in the story?
a) Ken picked the drums.
b) Ken told Lana she was talented
c) Ken and Lana signed up for band lessons
d) Ken and Lana met the next day

Why did Ken want to play the drums?
a) He already knew how to play
b) His brother played the drums
c) He had a drum set at home
d) They were noisier than any other instrument

What is another word for 'announced'?
a) held
b) touched
c) ate
d) told

What instruments did Lana want to play?
a) violin and flute
b) drums and violin
c) flute and drums
d) drums and tuba

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