Geography Review Question Preview (ID: 1854)

5th Grade.

Which of the following is not a region of KY?
a) knobs
b) pennyroyal
c) bluegrass
d) covington

Covington is located at 39.1 degrees N and 84.5 degrees W, this is an example of what?
a) relative location
b) physical map
c) absolute location
d) cardinal directions

The steam engine made travel to the interior of the U.S. easier on this.
a) Mississippi River
b) Highways
c) Appalachain Mountains
d) Pacific Ocean

What major natural barriers made travel westward difficult during Westward Expansion?
a) forests
b) mountains
c) streams
d) swamps

Lewis and Clark were on an exploration looking for what?
a) the northwest passage
b) grizzly bears
c) buffalo
d) gold

What Native American region would you most likely find a clay pot for holding water?
a) Northeast
b) Eastern woodland
c) Southwest
d) Plains

What direction would colonists have to sail when returning to England for supplies?
a) west
b) east
c) south
d) north

Name of the line running east and west at 0 degrees.
a) longitude
b) cardinal directions
c) equator
d) prime meridian

Name of the imaginary lines running north and south on a globe or map.
a) latitude
b) compass
c) equator
d) longitude

What was the main cause for Westward Expansion?
a) lack of water in the east
b) search for oil
c) need for more farmland
d) interest in exploring

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