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What is a personal narrative?
a) It's a paper where you write about a person you know and how they've influenced your life.
b) It's a paper where you write about an event in your life and how it affected you.
c) It's a paper where you write about a belief you have and the story behind how you got that belief.
d) It could be any of the above, or any story about your life where you reflect on how you were changed.

How should you start a narrative essay?
a) You should start by greeting your readers and telling them your name.
b) You should start by using the words ONCE UPON A TIME or ONE DAY...
c) You should start in a way that is interesting and descriptive.
d) You should start any way you want, as long as you start.

How long should your personal narrative be?
a) It should be at least ten pages.
b) It should be a couple of paragraphs.
c) It should be long enough to tell your story and reflect on why it was important to you.
d) It should be five paragraphs.

Which of the following sentences represents the best kind of narrative writing?
a) That day, I went to Wal-Mart with my sister. I walked down one aisle, she walked down another, and I lost her. I freaked out.
b) The cool whoosh of air hit me as I walked through the automatic doors at Wal-Mart. My sister whined, annoyed, beside me.
c) One of the reasons this day was important to me was because I've never been so scared.
d) I remember the time I lost my sister at Wal-Mart. It was scary.

Which of the following IS NOT part of a narrative essay? (All the other choices ARE part of a narrative essay)
a) An event told like a story, with a beginning, middle, and end.
b) Descriptive details that let the reader imagine the story in his/her mind.
c) The writer reflecting on what that event (or person or belief) meant to the writer and how it changed him/her.
d) Reasons, evidence, and a counterargument.

How should you include dialogue in your personal narrative?
a) Every time a new person talks, you start a new paragraph.
b) Every person's dialogue goes in the same paragraph.
c) You shouldn't have dialogue at all in a personal narrative.
d) If you include dialogue, it should be very, very little.

Why should you use lots of vivid details in a personal narrative?
a) You want your readers to imagine you in that situation.
b) You need to take up more space on the paper.
c) Vivid details aren't necessary in a personal narrative.
d) It's a great way to entertain people.

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d) test

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d) test

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