8.4 Interpreting Words And Phrases As They Are Used In A Non-fiction Text Question Preview (ID: 18536)

Tone And Mood.[print questions]

When you are reading literature the author will set the tone and mood for by conveying ____ through certian words and punctuation
a) emotion
b) laughter
c) pie
d) books

Identifying the __and___helps you identify the meaning of the writing
a) word and phrases
b) paper and pen
c) cookie and milk
d) tone and mood

If you miss the mood, the literature will not only be dull and boring to you, but you will likely miss the ___that the author is trying to convey
a) meaning
b) theme
c) story
d) feeling

The atmosphere in the video about the brothers is ____
a) Funny
b) Romantic
c) Intense
d) depressing

The definition of mood is ______
a) is the atmosphere created by the setting and actions of people or characters in it
b) a flower
c) a feeling
d) a health condition

The definition of tone is
a) cow
b) the character's feeling
c) the story
d) The attitude of the author

Which tone is represented in the following passage? She delicately placed the cooing baby on a soft, freshly cleaned blanket
a) annoyed
b) clam
c) scary
d) excited

What is the tone of the following passage? The alarm buzzed. Jordan smashed her fist down on it--hard. It flew off teh nightstand and bounced off her cat, Armstrong. The cat yowled indignantly and rocketed out the room.
a) passinate
b) happy
c) annoyed
d) humorous

Which tone is represented in the following passage? Wow! With a top speed of one hundred fifty miles per hour, that car can almost fly
a) excited
b) clam
c) annoyed
d) scary

Which tone is represented in the following passage? Ugh! Do I really have to sit through another boring lecture on data entry again.
a) sad
b) clam
c) scared
d) annoyed

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