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All of the following are examples of erosion except:
a) an icy winter causes a sidewalk to crack
b) a flood washes soil down stream
c) a glacier picks up boulders as it moves
d) the wind in a desert blowing against a rock

What is NOT an agent of erosion?
a) gravity
b) water
c) wind
d) temperature

Which of the following is evidence an area once was covered by a glacier?
a) sand dunes
b) V-shaped valley
c) sinkholes
d) U-shaped valley

What is the force behind mass movements?
a) gravity
b) ice movement
c) potential energy
d) flowing water

Which agent of erosion can form sand dunes?
a) wind
b) waves
c) running water
d) glaciers

How do glaciers contribute to erosion?
a) the energy in the glacier moves the sediment
b) the acids in them dissolve the sediment
c) they pick up sediment in the ice and carry it away
d) they cause avalanches

Why is karst topograhpy dangerous?
a) sinkholes can form
b) landslides are common
c) glaciers can freeze you
d) sand dunes form quickly

What type of material is carried the farthest by moving water?
a) silt
b) sand
c) gravel
d) boulders

What causes glaciers for form?
a) it snows more than it melts
b) it snows more than it rains
c) it snows less than it melts
d) it snows less than it rains

Landslides and creeps are examples of...
a) runoff
b) mass movement
c) chemical weathering
d) mechanical weathering

Which erosional force acts alone to produce avalanches and landslides?
a) winds
b) running water
c) ocean waves
d) gravity

For which movement of Earth materials is gravity not the main force?
a) snow tumbling in an avalanche
b) boulders carried by a glacier
c) sand carried by wind
d) sediments flowing in a river

What is the process that describes weathered material moving to a new location?
a) erosion
b) deposition
c) oxidation
d) abrasion

What is runoff?
a) water that soaks into the soil
b) water that is not absorbed by the ground
c) what you do when someone chases you
d) excess snow forming glaciers

What is one way sedimentary rock can be formed?
a) over time, sediment particles can gradually accumulate and eventually form into sedimentary rock
b) the ashes from a volcano get mixed into the soil by gophers
c) extreme heat and pressure can turn limestone into marble
d) hot lava from a volcano cools and hardens

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