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It's 7:15
a) It's seven past quarter
b) It's quarter past seven
c) It's quarter before eight
d) It's half past eight

It's 1:45
a) It's one and a quarter
b) It's quarter to one
c) It's quarter to two
d) It's quarter past two

It's 10:15
a) It's quarter after ten
b) It's quarter before ten
c) It's fifteen to ten
d) It's ten and half

It's 3:45
a) It's quarter to three
b) It's fifteen past three
c) It's three-o-fourty-five
d) It's quarter to four

It's 3:30
a) It's half past three
b) It's half to three
c) It's half before four
d) It's half to three

It's 12:05
a) It's twelve-five
b) It's five to twelve
c) It's five before twelve
d) It's twelve-o-five

We study chemistry in a _____________
a) library
b) school
c) laboratory
d) park

When we study history, we study:
a) countries
b) stars
c) living things
d) the past

When we study biology, we study:
a) countries
b) stars
c) living things
d) the past

These books are red, but ____ books are blue.
a) this
b) that
c) these
d) those

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