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Most of the student body is on board for this effort, but everyone needs to be. Let’s not send your paper or empty can to the landfill when everyone else’s materials are helping the environment. What tool of persuasion is used in this paragraph?
a) testimonial
b) bandwagon
c) snob appeal
d) plain folks

Furthermore, everyone who is anyone in basketball buys Light Waves Air tennis shoes. Are you “anyone”? Based upon the question that ends the advertisement, what may the reader infer about the use of a tool of persuasion in the advertisement?
a) The author is suggesting through the use of endorsement that even famous basketball players choose Light Waves Air tennis sho
b) The author is suggesting through the use of association that only Light Waves Air tennis shoes can make someone a better bask
c) The author is suggesting through the use of stereotypes that people who are great basketball players buy only Light Waves Air
d) The author is suggesting through the use of bandwagon that basketball players who wear Light Waves Air tennis shoes are well

What is the meaning of the word bandwagon?
a) to motivate
b) to encourage
c) to join the crowd
d) to be antisocial

Which word below is used to identify bandwagon?
a) no one
b) do it yourself
c) stand out
d) most

Which word below will help the reader to identify bandwagon?
a) everyone
b) an individual
c) sometimes
d) never

Don't be the only kid at school who has to walk around in boring shoes. Get your pair now for just $89.99! Find them in all major shoe stores. How does the ad try to get the reader to buy Sport Ace sneakers?
a) by comparing the sneakers to other brands
b) by telling the reader how the sneakers are made
c) by showing a famous person who likes to wear them
d) by making the reader think that everyone else has them

2. How does the ad try to get the reader to join its group?
a) It makes the reader think that everyone else has.
b) It tells the reader the address of its Web site.
c) It shows the reader that movie stars have joined.
d) It offers the reader a prize for joining the group.

You do not want to be known as the school that does not care! Keep the crossing guard and keep your school's reputation as the best. Why does Randy use phrases like The other schools can manage and You do not want to be known as the school that do
a) He is trying to persuade Ms. Austin to keep the school crossing guard.
b) He knows that Ms. Austin does not care what the school's reputation is.
c) He likes to write letters to all schools about the safety of their students.
d) He wants to explain that Newberry Elementary is the worst school in town.

Everyone’s doing it! We sure don’t want to be left behind. Vote for the wireless network so our city can keep up with the times! Larry uses phrases like Everybody's doing it and We sure don't want to be left behind because he
a) is trying to be clever and come up with exciting phrases.
b) wants his city to do things the same way that Seattle does.
c) is trying to get Mr. Norton to vote for the wireless network.
d) does not think that the library needs a wireless network.

What does it mean to persuade?
a) to convince
b) to express
c) to justify
d) to isolate

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