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Age Of Absolutism, Divine Right, Limiting The Power Of The English Monarchy.[print questions]

A main goal of the monarchs of Europe during the Age of Absolutism was to
a) establish legislative bodies
b) centralize political power
c) improve the quality of life for the peasant class
d) expand the role of the Catholic Church

The Puritan Revolution and the Glorious Revolution are both closely associated with the
a) expansion of Papal authority in Rome
b) beginning of the Reconquista in Spain
c) calling of the Congress of Vienna
d) rise of parliamentary democracy in England

The Magna Carta, the Petition of Right, and the English Bil of Rights led the English government to develop a political system in which
a) rulers were responsible to the people
b) religious authorities controlled the lawmaking process
c) the power of the monarch came from God
d) the individual was denied a trial by jury

What was the major effect of the Magna Carta and the English Bil of Rights on Great Britain?
a) The power of the monarch was limited
b) Ireland revolted against the monarchy
c) Parliament was abolished
d) A renewed interest in Greek and Roman culture developed

One way in which Akbar the Great, Ivan the Terrible, and Louis XIV are similar is that they were all
a) theocratic rulers
b) absolute rulers
c) elected leaders
d) enlightened despots

One similarity between the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights is that both documents
a) set up a two party political system
b) placed limits on the power of the monarch
c) established the right to inherit the throne
d) guaranteed equal rights for all citizens

One similarity in the policies of Louis XIV and of Suleiman the Magnificent is that both leaders
a) expanded their empires in the Americas
b) encouraged the growth of democracy
c) increased the power of their central governments
d) abolished the bureaucracy

Which writer opposed absolutism?
a) Niccolo Machiavelli
b) James I
c) Jacques Benigne Bossuet
d) John Locke

One characteristic of the reign of Peter the Great is that he
a) promoted the emancipation of serfs
b) strengthened the role of the Duma and centralized royal power
c) shared their power with the Russian Orthodox Church
d) pursued a policy of westernization and Expansion

One contribution tht John Locke made to Enlightenment philosophy was the idea that
a) absolute monarchies should continue
b) the punishment should fit the crime
c) individual rights should be denied
d) governments should be based on the consent of the people

Which person is credited with saying L'etat, c'est moi (I am the state)?
a) John Locke
b) Karl Marx
c) Louis XIV
d) Queen Isabella

According to John Locke, the chief role of government was to
a) protect natural rights
b) fight territorial wars
c) ensure the wealth of citizens
d) redistribute land

From the 15th to the 18th centuries, absolute monarchs of Europe and Asia sought to
a) increase the power of the Catholic Church
b) centralize their political power
c) redistribute their land to the peasants
d) strengthen feudalism

Which statement best describes a result of the Glorious Revolution in England?
a) England formed an alliance with France
b) The power of the monarchy was increased
c) Principles of limited government were strengthened
d) England lost its colonial possessions

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