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Which star can be used to find direction in the northern hemisphere?
a) Rigel
b) Spica
c) Arcturus
d) Polaris

The North Star, Polaris, can be located by first finding
a) the Big Dipper, then using the pointers to locate Polaris.
b) the Little Dipper, then using the pointers to locate the North Star.
c) Arcturus, then look south to locate Polaris.
d) Bootes, then look north to locate Polaris.

Which observation provides the best evidence that Earth revolves around the Sun?
a) Stars seen from Earth appear to circle Polaris.
b) The change from high ocean tide to low ocean tide is a repeating pattern.
c) Earth's planetary winds are deflected by the Coriolis effect.
d) Different star constellations are seen from Earth at different times of the year.

If a star is located directly overhead, where is it found on the star map we used?
a) along the southern edge of the star map
b) along the western edge of the star map
c) in the center of the circular star map
d) along the eastern edge of the star map

The sky is divided into ___ constellations.
a) 15
b) 27
c) 53
d) 88

We see stars, such as Betelgeuse, in different locations depending on the time of night
a) because the Earth wobbles.
b) because the Earth is standing still.
c) because the Earth rotates.
d) because the Earth revolves.

Because the Earth spins, we see stars
a) move during the night.
b) remain in the same location in the sky.
c) only at certain times of the year.
d) only at certain times of the month.

The motion of the stars that you see over several weeks or months is due to
a) the Earth orbiting the Sun.
b) the Earth rotating on its axis.
c) the changes in the location of Earth's Moon.
d) the changes in the position of the Sun.

A constellation is best viewed when
a) close to the horizon.
b) close to the sun.
c) overhead.
d) near a mountain.

Which constellation is named after a mythological hunter?
a) Spica
b) Bootes
c) Gemini
d) Orion

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