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the branch of science that studies the universe beyond Earth is
a) Geology
b) Meteorology
c) Astrology
d) Oceanography

The Big Bang occured how many years ago?
a) 14 Million
b) 14 Billion
c) 14 thousand
d) 14 trillion

A Nebula is know as ..
a) A large cloud of gas (helium and iron)
b) A large cloud of gas (helium and hydroxide)
c) A large cloud of gas (Oxygen and hydrogen)
d) A large cloud of gas (helium and hydrogen)

True or Falsse: Only small stars experience a Supernova
a) True
b) False

The color that stars exhibit based on hottest to coldest temperatures are
a) Blue/white -yellow - orange -red
b) Yellow - orange -red-blue/white
c) Orange -blue/white -yellow - red
d) Red-yellow - orange -blue/white -

A Hurricane is formed
a) Over lands that are having thunderstorms
b) Over cold waters
c) Over land in the summer
d) Over warm ocean waters in the summer and early fall.

How can humans contribute to Wildfires?
a) Camping in cabins
b) Eating in a wodded area
c) Smoking near a wooded area
d) Playing cards at a camp site

Artificial Eutrophication results from
a) Abundance of nutrients-such as Phosphorus and Nitrogen
b) Abundance of nutrients-such as Gallium and Nitrogen
c) Abundance of nutrients-such as Sulfur and Nitrogen
d) Abundance of nutrients-such as Titanium and Nitrogen

How many water treament processes are there in treating waste water?
a) 16
b) 64
c) 6
d) 5

Pigs are known to be
a) Carnivores
b) Omnivores
c) Herbivores
d) Producers

Wheat is said to be a Producers because
a) It consumers other organisms
b) It makes films
c) It produces other animals
d) It makes its own food

A wooden table can be classified as
a) Abiotic and Biotic
b) Abiotic
c) Non-biodegradable
d) none of the above

A jellyfish is an organism because it is a (n)
a) animal
b) cold-blooded species
c) living thing
d) drifter

Benthos organisms possess the mobility to
a) drift
b) float
c) crawl
d) swim

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