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form of government for rome
a) democracy
b) feudalism
c) religious
d) republic

who did the monks and nuns help care for during the middle ages
a) babies
b) plague victims
c) orphans
d) sick and elderly

due to this persons trips to china trade increased between europe and china
a) genghis kahn
b) marco polo
c) queen isabella
d) frederick

how did the bubonic plague spread
a) rats
b) fleas on rats
c) monkeys
d) fleas on birds

constantinoples location allows them to control
a) major trade routes
b) money
c) harbors
d) camels

law code for the byzantine empire
a) justinians code
b) 12 tables
c) 10 commandments
d) 8 fold path

land is exchanged for military service and loyalty
a) democracy
b) republic
c) feudalism
d) buddhism

which empire had the greatest influence on russia
a) mongolian
b) byzantine
c) roman
d) greek

what was the campaign to drive muslims out of spain
a) inquisition
b) crusades
c) reconquista
d) the church

what happened after agriculture was introduced
a) population decreased
b) population increased
c) population ended
d) population began

Pax Mongolia occurred because of trading on this route
a) silk road
b) asia
c) europe
d) canals

tomb built for shah jahan
a) taj mahal
b) mosque
c) pagoda
d) dome of rock

middle ages began after the collapse of the
a) byzantine empire
b) greek empire
c) china
d) roman empire

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