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The phase of the Moon that immediately comes before the New Moon is the ____.
a) waxing crescent
b) waning crescent
c) first quarter
d) third quarter

A ____ occurs when the Moon moves directly between the Sun and Earth and throws a shadow on Earth.
a) solar eclipse
b) lunar eclipse
c) waning gibbous
d) waxing gibbous

The yearly orbit of Earth around the Sun is called its ____.
a) rotation
b) ellipse
c) revolution
d) tilt

Summer occurs on the hemisphere of Earth that is ____.
a) turned away from the Sun
b) tilted toward the Sun
c) tilted away from the Sun
d) turned toward the Sun

____ has colorful clouds in bands of white, red, tan, and brown.
a) Saturn
b) Uranus
c) Jupiter
d) Neptune

Two of the inner planets are ____.
a) Venus and Saturn
b) Mars and Venus
c) Earth and Pluto
d) Mercury and Jupiter

Smaller pieces of rock from old, broken-up comets become ____.
a) comets
b) meteorites
c) meteoroids
d) planetoids

Small pieces of rock that enter Earth's atmosphere at speeds of 15 to 70 km/s and burn up are called ____.
a) stars
b) meteors
c) meteorites
d) asteroids

____ are pieces of rock that strike the surface of a moon or planet.
a) Meteoroids
b) Comets
c) Meteor showers
d) Meteorites

This planet has no true atmosphere.
a) Mars
b) Saturn
c) Jupiter
d) Mercury

Pluto is considered the ____ planet.
a) second
b) ninth
c) tenth
d) first

A comet develops a tail because of ____.
a) the heat of the Sun
b) Earth's atmosphere
c) the Oort Cloud
d) Jupiter's gravitational pull

Evidence suggests that ____ originate in the Oort Cloud located beyond the orbit of Pluto.
a) comets
b) asteroids
c) meteoroids
d) meteorites

The structure of a comet is considered to be like a large, ____, or a mass of frozen ice and rock.
a) solid planet
b) dirty snowball
c) cratered moon
d) none of the above

Water is found as a solid, liquid, and gas on ____.
a) Mercury
b) Venus
c) Earth
d) Mars

Mercury is the ____ planet from the Sun.
a) fourth
b) third
c) second
d) first

____ is the third planet from the Sun.
a) Mercury
b) Venus
c) Earth
d) Mars

The order of the inner planets outward from the Sun is ____.
a) Mercury, Earth, Venus, and Mars
b) Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars
c) Mars, Venus, Earth, and Mercury
d) Earth, Venus, Mars, and Mercury

The orbits of ____ lie closer to the Sun than does Earth's orbit.
a) Mercury and Mars
b) Mercury and Venus
c) Mars and Venus
d) Jupiter and Mercury

The intense magnetic fields of sunspots cause archlike eruptions called ____.
a) solar eclipses
b) corona
c) photospheres
d) prominences

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