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What is the chemical formula for a hydronium ion?
a) H2O
b) H3O+
c) H2O-
d) HO-

What causes hydronium ions to be formed in water?
a) acids
b) bases
c) solutions
d) salts

Which one is a proton acceptor?
a) acid
b) base
c) solution
d) salt

Which one forms a hydroxide ion when added to water?
a) acid
b) base
c) solution
d) salt

Solution is another name for a
a) substance
b) element
c) homogeneous mixture
d) heterogeneous mixture

What is the chemical formula for a hydroxide ion?
a) H3O+
b) H3O-
c) HO+
d) HO-

Which one cannot be used to measure the pH of a solution?
a) indicator
b) probe
c) graduated cylinder
d) meter

A solution with a pH of 8 is how many more times basic than a solution with a pH of 6?
a) 20 times
b) 0 times
c) 100 times
d) 2 times

An indicator is used to measure the
a) speed at which a solute dissolves
b) solubility of a substance
c) number of components in a mixture
d) pH of a solution

Which number is a possible pH for a solution that contains more hydroxide ions than hydronium ion8s?
a) 8
b) 7
c) 6
d) 4

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