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What is a ionic bond?
a) mixture in which particles are the same throughout
b) the bonding of a metal and a non-metal
c) building block of matter
d) anything that has voloume or takes up space

What is a ion?
a) metal
b) nonmetal
c) a charged particle that forms when an atom or group of atoms, gains or loses electrons
d) metalloids

What is a Anion?
a) when a ion is negative
b) shiny good conductors of heat and electricity
c) when a ion is postive
d) elements that have the same number of protons but a different number of neutrons

What is a Cation?
a) non-metal
b) When a ion is negative
c) metal
d) when a ion is postive

What is a Covalent bond?
a) a bond between atoms that share one or more pair of electrons
b) the steps that scientist use to answer questions and solve problems
c) hammered into sheets
d) rolled into wire

What is the bond of a covalent bond between?
a) metal
b) Two metals
c) Two non-metals
d) nonmetal

Which is not a step of naming covalent compounds?
a) write the cation of the first non-metal then the cation of the second non-metal
b) change ending of second non-metal to ide
c) Add the prefix of all the subscripts
d) figure what the third non-metal is

What is one thing you should while you are naming bonds?
a) start a covalent bond with Momo
b) both elements being metals
c) start a covalent bond with Deca
d) start a covalent bond with Tetra

What is the prefix for the number 7?
a) Tri
b) septa
c) mono
d) nona

What is the prefix for the number 5?
a) hexa
b) octa
c) penta
d) deca

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