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The main elements used in Carbohydrates and Lipids are:
a) Na, Cl, S, and H
b) C, H, and O
c) N, P, and H
d) S, C, O, and P

Lipids are mainly used as a(n) _________ molecule
a) fat storage
b) protein making
c) acid storage
d) energy storage

Which of the following is NOT a polymer of glucose?
a) Starch
b) Glycogen
c) Cellulose
d) Lactose

Lipid bilayers are created from:
a) Phospholipids
b) Triglycerides
c) Fatty acids
d) Proteins

A macromolecule is composed of smaller units called:
a) polymers
b) cells
c) isomers
d) monomers

A(n) ____________ is a basic unit of a carbohydrate.
a) monosaccharide
b) starch
c) nucleotide
d) amino acids

Which of the following is NOT a monosaccharide?
a) glucose
b) fructose
c) deoxyribose
d) starch

what is the name of the polysaccharide that humans are NOT able to digest?
a) Starch
b) Cellulose
c) Glycogen
d) Disaccharide

Lipids do NOT mix with water. Another term for this property is that lipids are:
a) polar
b) non-polar
c) miscible
d) unsaturated

If a lipid molecule is Unsaturated then somewhere in the fatty acid tail, there needs to be a:
a) extra carbon branch
b) Phosphate group
c) extra tail of carbon and hydrogens
d) double bond

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