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Why are Australia's animals found nowhere else on Earth?
a) because of the landforms
b) because of Australia's distance from other landmasses
c) because of the climate
d) because Australia is so close to other continents.

Very few Australians work in Agriculture. What can you infer?
a) Most Australians live in cities
b) Most Australians work on farms
c) Most Australians raise cattle
d) Most Australians don't eat vegetables

Which of the following is Australia closest to?
a) Brazil
b) United Kingdom
c) United States
d) China

Which of the following is Australia the most connected to CULTURALLY?
a) Europe and North America
b) Africa
c) Asia
d) Antarctica

The main language spoken in Australia is:
a) French
b) Portuguese
c) English
d) Spanish

Where did the Aborigines originate from?
a) Asia
b) Africa
c) South America
d) West Indies

Which of the following is important to the Aboriginal culture?
a) songs written for the guitar
b) written language
c) belief in Dreamtime stories
d) use of English language

What do the natives of Australia have in common with those of Latin America?
a) Europeans introduced African slavery
b) Europeans discovered complex written languages
c) Europeans brought new diseases, killing the natives.
d) Europeans conquered all of empires upon arriving on the continent.

Which natural resource is important to Australia's economy?
a) gold
b) education
c) pertroleum
d) wood

Which is an example of a capital good?
a) gold
b) healthcare
c) factory
d) a diamond

Most economies have characteristics of both market and command so we call them
a) traditional
b) market
c) command
d) mixed

Aborigines made economic decisions based on customs and beliefs. This is an example of a
a) traditional economy
b) command economy
c) market economy
d) mixed economy

Which has helped Australia have a high GDP?
a) lack of healthcare
b) modern factories and technology
c) government owned businesses and property
d) workers with low paying jobs

How are tariffs and quotas alike?
a) They both completely stop trade between countries
b) They both increase trade between countries
c) They both make trading easier
d) They both limit or restrict trade between countries.

Which is a tax on foreign goods?
a) quota
b) subsidy
c) tariff
d) embargo

What currency is used in Australia?
a) Australian peso
b) Australian ruble
c) Australian dollar
d) Australian euro

Which of the following is a way that a company can invest in capital goods?
a) providing healthcare
b) providing training
c) using old machines longer to save money
d) buying new computers that are more efficient

Who sets the price for goods in Australia?
a) The Aborigines
b) The governor-general
c) Buyers and sellers
d) Parliament

What do the economic systems of Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and Canada have in common?
a) They are pure markets
b) They are command economies
c) They are traditional economies
d) They are mixed economies

The government of Australia is...
a) autocracy
b) unitary
c) federal
d) confederate

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