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A water molecule is made of
a) two H atoms bonded to an O atom
b) two O atoms bonded together
c) two O atoms bonded to an H atom
d) two H atoms bonded together

Tightness across the surface of water, caused by polar molecules pulling on one another is called
a) capillary action
b) universal solvent
c) condensation
d) surface tension

The combined force of attraction between water molecules and surrounding material is
a) surface tension
b) universal solvent
c) evaporation
d) capillary action

Because water consists of polar molecules,
a) most of it is found at the North and South Poles
b) it can be attracted by using a magnet
c) water molecules tend to stick together, and form a sphere
d) it falls as sleet and snow at cold temperatures

Water is often called the universal solvent because
a) it can cling to fibers of cloth and paper
b) it dissolves so many substances
c) its frozen form floats on its liquid form
d) it exists in all three states on earth

When water goes from the frozen to the liquid form,
a) molecules increase speed but the shape does not change
b) molecules decrease speed but the shape does not change
c) molecules decrease speed and the shape changes
d) molecules increase speed and the shape changes

If you let your hair air dry after swimming, you are taking advantage of
a) evaporation
b) freezing
c) melting
d) condensation

Specific heat explains why
a) ice floats on water
b) water can cling to paper fibers
c) climates near a large body of water are more moderate
d) climates near a large body of water are more extreme

Fish are safe in water, even in freezing temperatures, due to this property of water:
a) ice is less dense compared to liquid water
b) surface tension
c) capillary action
d) ice is more dense compared to liquid water

Water is the only substance on Earth that
a) freezes at very low temperatures
b) commonly exists in all of its different states
c) dissolves wax and oil
d) boils at very high temperatures

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