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Who is the current leader of Russia?
a) Putin
b) Stalin
c) Hitler
d) Crimea

Which is not true about the European Union?
a) Europeans can travel between EU countries without a passport
b) It was created after WW1
c) You must have a democratic government to join
d) Some EU countries use the Euro

Why is the US involved in the Ukraine Crisis?
a) We have a treaty with Russia
b) We are allies with Ukraine's President
c) We have a treaty with Ukraine saying we will protect their borders
d) The US and Ukraine are neighbors

Which is NOT true about Eastern Ukraine?
a) They want to sign more treaties with the EU
b) The pro Russian leader fled here
c) They want to ally themselves with Russia
d) Crimea is in Eastern Ukraine

Where was the largest prisoner escape during WW2?
a) Sobibor
b) Auschwitz
c) Bergan-Belsan
d) Dachau

What word means hatred and prejudice toward Jews?
a) demagogue
b) anti semitism
c) dehumanization
d) semitism

What is a gulag?
a) a Soviet concentration camp
b) a influential speaker
c) a walled part of the city where Jews were forced to live
d) Stalin's private army

Which characteristic did Hitler and Stalin NOT have in common?
a) abusive fathers
b) problems in school
c) they wanted/or parents wanted them to be priests
d) they were from the same country

The Euro is
a) European Union Currency
b) a group of countries that work together to make life easier and safer for Europeans
c) The part of Ukraine Russia invaded
d) European Currency

Which is an example of dehumanization?
a) portraying Jews as rats or spiders
b) sending Jews to ghettos
c) sending Jews to concentration camps
d) saying Jews were going to take over the world

Which is an example of a cult of personality?
a) rewriting the national anthem to contain Stalin's name
b) rewriting history so Stalin seemed more heroic
c) having Stalin be the hero in books and comics
d) all of the above

Which happened first?
a) the Final Solution
b) Jews sent to Ghettos
c) Jews sent to concentration camps
d) Nuremberg Laws

Which is true about communism?
a) everything is shared
b) there are multiple social classes
c) everyone controls their own property
d) usually has a democratic leader

The time period where society switched from agrarian to factory based is called...
a) industrialization
b) renassiance
c) Russian Revolution
d) French Revolution

The Russian Revolution was when Russia changed from...
a) czars to kings
b) communism to czars
c) autocratic to democracy
d) czars to communism

Russia recently invaded
a) Crimea
b) Western Ukraine
c) Eastern Ukraine
d) the capital of Ukraine

What is NOT a requirement to be in the EU?
a) democratic government
b) stable economy
c) no human rights abuses
d) communism

What was the Band of Brothers clip about?
a) The Russian Revolution
b) the liberation of the death camps
c) the ghettos
d) Hitlers rise to power

In the movie Sobibor, the prisoners escaped by
a) Isolating and killing the SS guards
b) stealing weapons and creating their own
c) cutting the power so they could run out of the gate
d) all of the above

Which is not a European landmark?
a) The Eiffel Tower
b) Big Ben
c) Stonehenge
d) Great Wall of China

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