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Vocabulary On Urinary.

The kidneys filter blood to remove waste what is a major waste product of protein metabolism?
a) nitrogen
b) water
c) urea
d) urine

What % of urine is water and what % is waste?
a) 80% & 15%
b) 95% & 5%
c) 90% & 10 %
d) 75% & 25%

What are the functional units of the kidneys?
a) glomeruli
b) glomerulus
c) renal pelvis
d) medulla

Where does urine flow to before entering the ureters?
a) glomerulus
b) medulla
c) renal cortex
d) Renal Pelvis

What is the pigment that gives urine its yellow color?
a) urea
b) urochrome
c) nitrogen
d) bilirubin

How long are the ureters?
a) 10-12 inches
b) 14-16 inches
c) 8-9 inches
d) 5-6 inches

How many sphincters does the urethra have?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 0

the female urethra is how long
a) approximately 1.5 inches
b) approximately 2 inches
c) approximately 1 inch
d) approximately 0.5 inches

the male urethra is how long?
a) approximately 6 inches
b) approximately 7 inches
c) approximately 8 inches
d) approximately 9 inches

Which medical term describes the emptyng of the urinary bladder
a) voiding
b) micturation
c) urination
d) all of the above

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