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Where are 'my glasses'?
a) Where are they?
b) Where are them?
c) Where are their?
d) Where are theirs?

Did you talk to 'Ann'?
a) Did you talk to her?
b) Did you talk to she?
c) Did you talk to hers?
d) Did you talk to him?

I'm afraid of 'snakes'.
a) I'm afraid of them.
b) I'm afraid of it.
c) I'm afraid of they.
d) I'm afraid of its.

'The woman with the red dress' is gorgeous.
a) She is gorgeous.
b) Her is gorgeous.
c) It is gorgeous
d) Its is gorgeous

'My best friend' usually rides horses in the countryside.
a) He rides horses in the countryside.
b) I ride horses in the countryside.
c) Him rides horses in the countryside.
d) Me ride horses in the countryside.

I found 'your keys' under the sofa.
a) I found them under the sofa.
b) I found they under the sofa.
c) I found you under the sofa.
d) I found it under the sofa.

Next week 'Robert' is leaving for Japan.
a) Next week he is leaving for Japan.
b) Next week him is leaving for Japan.
c) Next week his is leaving for Japan.
d) Next week it is leaving for Japan.

'Star Wars' is my favourite film.
a) It is my favourite film.
b) Its is my favourite film.
c) They are my favourite film.
d) Them are my favourite film.

Why are you looking at 'my cousin and me'?
a) Why are you looking at us?
b) Why are you looking at me?
c) Why are you looking at them?
d) Why are you looking at him?

My uncle Ron and I visited France last summer.
a) We visited France last summer.
b) Our visited France last summer.
c) Us visited France last summer.
d) Ours visited France last summer.

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