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EDU 1010 Chapter One - Do I Want To Be A Teacher?[print questions]

The PRAXIS series is best described as:
a) support given first year teachers to help them make the transition into the classroom.
b) experiences provided for teachers that allow them to practice classroom skills.
c) a test given to teachers designed to measure their readiness for teaching.
d) a series of moral dilemmas designed to measure teachers’ understanding of their professional codes of ethics.

“The process of using standardized tests to determine whether or not students have mastered essential knowledge and skills and basing promotion and graduation on test performance,” best describes:
a) accountability.
b) standards-based education.
c) educational reforms.
d) codes of ethics.

“Suggested changes in teaching and teacher preparation intended to increase student learning” are best described as:
a) codes of ethics.
b) increasing professionalism.
c) standards-based education.
d) reforms.

Teachers are supervised and evaluated by their principal. Which of the following criticisms of teaching as a profession does this illustrate?
a) Teachers lack rigorous training.
b) Teaching isn’t an important institution in our society.
c) Teachers lack a unique function.
d) Teachers don’t have the autonomy characteristic of professionals.

Which of the following best describes the diversity across our country?
a) Diversity is rapidly increasing in some states, such as CA, TX, AZ and FL, but it is decreasing in states like MT, ND and WY
b) Diversity is increasing in southern states, but it is decreasing in northern states.
c) Diversity is remaining about the same as it was in the past two decades.
d) Diversity is increasing in every state in the nation.

Which of the following terms best fits the idea of “descriptions of moral standards for good behavior?”
a) Professionalism
b) Rewards
c) Autonomy
d) Ethics

We best describe teachers who are “thoughtful, analytical, and even self-critical about their teaching” as:
a) artistic.
b) reflective.
c) scientific.
d) practical.

Problem solving in ill-defined situations based on professional knowledge is best described as demonstrating:
a) decision making.
b) ethical behavior.
c) pedagogical content knowledge.
d) knowledge of the profession.

Understanding the social, historical, philosophical, organizational, and legal aspects of teaching, together with the ability and inclination to continue to learn, is best described as:
a) pedagogical content knowledge.
b) general pedagogical knowledge.
c) knowledge about teachers and learners.
d) knowledge of the profession

Mr. Tim prepared a different vignette because he thought the description of New Stone Age people in the students' textbooks was too abstract for them. Which describes the type of knowledge on which Mr. Tim's belief was primarily based?
a) His knowledge of content
b) His pedagogical content knowledge
c) His knowledge of learners and learning
d) His general pedagogical knowledge

An understanding of instruction and management that transcends individual topics or subject matter areas is best described as:
a) pedagogical content knowledge.
b) expert knowledge.
c) general pedagogical knowledge.
d) knowledge of learning and teaching.

Which of the following is the best label for the description: “A developing aspect of teaching characterized by a specialized body of knowledge, emphasis on decision making and reflection, autonomy, and ethical standards for conduct?”
a) Pedagogical content knowledge
b) General pedagogical knowledge
c) Reflection
d) Professionalism

A first-year teacher, is frazzled at the beginning of class, because she has to take roll, mark the absentee sheet, deal with students who were absent yesterday, and prepare for her class. This best illustrates which aspect of classroom complexity?
a) Public
b) Multidimensional
c) Unpredictable
d) Dynamic

Of the following, which is the most important teacher role?
a) Working with parents and other caregivers
b) Collaborating with colleagues
c) Working with school administrators
d) Creating productive learning environments

Which of the following is closest to the average beginning year teacher salary in the United States?
a) $25,000
b) $35,000
c) $45,000
d) $55,000

Of the following, which statement most accurately describes the issue of teacher salaries? Teacher salaries:
a) are frequently cited as a major reason people leave teaching, but salaries are improving.
b) are the most common reason people leave teaching and they’re falling farther and farther behind other professions.
c) are rapidly improving and are now on a par with other professions like engineering.
d) start lower than other professions but catch up after five years of experience.

You’re an 8th-grade math teacher. Of the following, the best example of an intellectual reward in teaching is likely to be:
a) a high school senior coming back to visit you.
b) seeing students successfully predict the next number in the sequence 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 . . . .
c) having one of your students come up to you and say, “I used to hate math, but now I really like it.”
d) receiving a salary supplement for sponsoring the school’s math club.

You’re a third-grade teacher. Of the following, the best example of an extrinsic reward is likely to be:
a) a parent calling and thanking you for the extra help you’ve given her daughter.
b) receiving a salary supplement for being the grade chairperson in your school for third grade.
c) seeing Melissa, one of your low achieving students, improve dramatically in her writing.
d) getting a hug or a “high five” from each of your students as they enter the classroom in the morning.

You’re a 7th-grade English teacher in your second year of teaching in a middle school. Of the following, the best example of an intrinsic reward for you is likely to be:
a) a salary supplement for sponsoring the school yearbook.
b) a high school senior coming back to visit you.
c) a two-week winter holiday vacation.
d) tenure after your third year of teaching.

According to professional surveys, which of the following are the two most important reasons people give for choosing to teach?
a) Short working hours and long summer vacations
b) Long summer vacations and autonomy
c) Autonomy and professional status
d) Working with young people and contributing to society

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