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In line 12, the speaker uses the word shroud to suggest that -
a) the moon is cold and needed to be warmed
b) the cloud interfered with the vision of the moon
c) the cloud moved, allowing the moon to be seen clearly
d) as at a funeral, the lifeless moon was covered

The tone at the end of this poem is -
a) forgiving
b) concerned
c) happy
d) surprised

What change in mood occurs in line 12 through 15?
a) detached to interested
b) bored to exuberant
c) anger to joy
d) cold to warmth

Lines 18-20 suggest that the speaker is -
a) sorry
b) mournful
c) glad
d) confused

According to the poem, which statement may be about the moon?
a) it is brighter and colder than the planets
b) It is very pale
c) it is a distant fire
d) it brings joy to the heart

What is the author trying to convey in the poem?
a) the author feels the star is a moon
b) the author values the star's existence
c) the author describes the winter evening
d) the author expresses his sadness

What is the purpose of the imagery used in this poem?
a) to show how the author can see the sky
b) to show how the moon and star are similar
c) to show how the moon and star are like planets
d) to show the differences of the moon and star

The events of the story take place -
a) in an open field
b) in the middle of a desert
c) near a body of water
d) in the mountains

The mood in this poem is best described as -
a) light
b) serious
c) skeptical
d) angry

The poem's title most likely serves the purpose of -
a) announcing the setting
b) proposing a question
c) suggesting a conflict
d) introducing the subject

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