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Which is not a weather condition?
a) time of day
b) air temperature
c) moisture and precipitation
d) wind speed and direction

Which is not a way in which soil is formed?
a) the weathering of rock by water
b) mining
c) the weathering of rock by wind
d) the decomposition of plant and animal remains

Which is not a property of soil?
a) color
b) texture (particle size)
c) fence post size
d) the ability to retain water

Rocks are
a) natural materials forming the crust or outerr layer of the Earth.
b) manufactyred for fences and roadbuilding.
c) minerals that have been purified.
d) smelted from iron ore.

Which is not a physical property of minerals?
a) value
b) hardness
c) color
d) luster

Which is not a type of rock?
a) metamorphic
b) igneous
c) alluvial
d) sedimentary

A fossil is
a) a type of material.
b) part of a plant or animal that lived long ago.
c) a metal.
d) the center of all rocks.

The surface of the Earth changes due to slow processes such as
a) erosion and weathering.
b) landslides
c) volcanic eruptions.
d) earthquakes.

Rocks provide minerals that are useful in
a) agriculture.
b) construction.
c) manufacturing.
d) all of the above.

Geology is the study of
a) the origin of the Earth.
b) the composition of the Earth.
c) both a and b.
d) organic substances.

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