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Which of the follwing can be impacted by El Nino
a) fishing industry
b) climate
c) farming industry
d) all of the answers are correct

A wind that consistently blows more often from one direction than from any other is called
a) local wind
b) a prevailing wind
c) trade wind
d) jet stream

Which insturment is used to measure wind speed
a) anemometer
b) barometer
c) thermometer
d) all of the answers are correct

Which phenomenon is associated with surface temperature in the eastern Pacific that are colder than average
a) La Nina
b) El Nino
c) global warming
d) local winds

When is a sea breeze most intense
a) during mid to late afternoon
b) in the late evening
c) in the late morning
d) at sunrise

Which surface winds blow between the subtropical high and the equator?
a) trade winds
b) polar easterlies
c) sea breezes
d) westerlies

A sea breeze usually originates during the
a) evening and flows outward towrd land
b) day and flows inward toward land
c) evening and flows toward water
d) day and flows toward water

The net inward movement of air causes the area occupied by an air mass to shrink, a process known as
a) horizontal divergence
b) horizontal convergence
c) vertical divergence
d) vertical convergence

The general movement of low pressure centers across the US is from
a) north to south
b) south to north
c) west ot east
d) east to west

Fair weather can usually be expected with the approach of which of the following
a) cyclone
b) anticyclone
c) low pressure system
d) none of the answers are correct

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