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What was the stage before becoming a Knight was called?
a) Troubadour
b) Page
c) Squire
d) Monk

Which statement about the bubonic plague in Europe, Asia, and Africa is accurate?
a) It increased agricultural production.
b) It was restricted to rural areas.
c) It encouraged nationalism.
d) It followed trade routes

A heretic is
a) an enemy of the king
b) a religious monk
c) a dissenter from church rules
d) a high church official

Revival of trade in western Europe, decline of feudalism, revival of interest in learning, and cultural interaction with the Middle East are associated with the
a) impact of the Crusades
b) effects of the barter system
c) growth of the Maya Empire
d) rise of Charlemagne

What was one result of large armies traveling great distances during the Crusades?
a) Europe’s population severely declined.
b) Democracy in the Middle East grew.
c) Cultural diffusion increased.
d) Slavery was eliminated.

Which statement accurately describes the actions of Muslims during the Crusades?
a) Most Muslims converted to Christianity.
b) Muslims attacked and conquered Constantinople.
c) Muslims defended Jerusalem because it was sacred to them.
d) Many Muslims visited Europe for the first time to obtain luxury goods.

Medieval life in Europe was characterized by
a) Limited social mobility
b) a strong central government
c) a thriving system of international trade
d) rejection of the teachings of the Christian church

In European feudal society, an individual's social status was generally determined by
a) education
b) birth
c) individual abilities
d) marriage

What was a result of the Black Death in Europe?
a) Urbanization increased
b) Shortage of workers
c) Food was imported from America
d) Germans dominated trade

Which document limited a monarchs power in England
a) Justinian Code
b) 12 Tables
c) Rig Veda
d) Magna Carta

One long-term effect of the Crusades was the
a) Development of the Pax Mongolia
b) Fall of the Ming Dynasty
c) Control of Jerusalem by the Christians
d) Growth of trade in western Europe

Letting some farmland unplanted to increase food production is
a) Modern irrigation
b) 3 field system
c) Enclosure Movement
d) Slash and burn

Feudalism is defined as
a) Holy war between Christians and Muslims
b) Process when goods are traded
c) Division of political power between 3 separate branches
d) System in which land is exchanged for military service and loyalty

During feudal Europe power and position in society were based on
a) Amount of money earned
b) Amount of land
c) Level of education
d) Slaves owned

Some of the finest examples of medieval architecture can be seen in
a) cathedrals
b) castles
c) homes of townspeople
d) universities

An economic reason for serfdom was to maintain
a) education
b) overseas trade
c) a stable workforce
d) religious uniformity

In western Europe feudalism began after the
a) Roman Empire collapsed
b) Renaissance began
c) Constantinople fell
d) Mongols invaded

Which institution served as unifying force during the Middle Ages?
a) Legislature
b) Monarchy
c) Church
d) Military

Which statement best describes Europe during the Middle Ages?
a) Manorialism developed to meet the peoples need
b) A centralized government provided law and order
c) A standardized currency promoted trade
d) People questioned the Church

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