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Centers of low pressure are called
a) anticyclones
b) airmasees
c) jet streams
d) cyclones

In the Northern Hemisphere. wind associated with a low pressure system blow
a) counterclockwise toward the center
b) clockwise toward the center
c) clockwise outward from the center
d) counterclockwise from the center

The Coriolis effect influences
a) wind speed
b) wind direction
c) both wind speed and wind direction
d) neither wind speed or wind direction

Fast moving currents of air that occur above the friction layer are called
a) wind trains
b) mesocyclones
c) chinooks
d) jet streams

Variations in air pressure from place to place are the principal cause of
a) snow
b) rain
c) wind
d) clouds

Which force generates winds
a) Coriolis effect
b) gravity
c) pressure differences
d) friction

What is the ultimate energy source for most wind
a) Earth's rotation
b) Earth's revolution
c) solar radiation
d) tides

Who invented the mercury barometer
a) Galileo
b) Toricelli
c) Newton
d) Watt

In which direction is air pressure exerted?
a) upward
b) downward
c) sideways
d) upward, downward, sideways

The force exerted by the weight of the air above is called
a) air pressure
b) convergence
c) Coriolis effect
d) divergence

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