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The capital city of the Incan Empire
a) Machu Picchu
b) Cuzco
c) Tikal
d) Copan

The Incan Empire is found
a) wester part of South America
b) Yucatan Peninsula
c) Northern edge of Mexico
d) Central Valley of Mexico

Who was the lowest in the Mayan Pyramid
a) priests
b) traders
c) farmers
d) nobles

Mayan nobles were responsible for
a) collecting taxes
b) working in the fields
c) governing and making decisions
d) carrying out human sacrifices

Incas built stone building at
a) Copan
b) Lake Texacoco
c) Tikal
d) Machu Picchu

Where did the Aztec civilization develope
a) Andes Mountains
b) Valley of Mexico
c) Yucatan Peninsula
d) Spain

Mayan city that has many pyramids
a) Cuzco
b) Machu Picchu
c) Tikal
d) Tenochtitlan

Indian groups, that were conquered by the Aztecs
a) forced the children to become priests
b) allowed the INdians to farm their lands
c) demanded tribute in the form of goods and people
d) gave the Indians food and clothing

Why did the Aztecs settle where they did?
a) Terraces on surrounding hillsides provided plots for gardening
b) There was plenty of farmland for growing corn
c) Rugged mountains kept the Aztecs safe from European invaders
d) Surrounding lakes provided water, food, and reeds

Mayan nobles and what other group was at top of the social pyramid
a) priests
b) traders
c) slaves
d) craftsworkers

The region that the Mayas built cities is modern day
a) Chile and Argentina
b) Mexico and Central America
c) the Valley of Mexico
d) Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia

Floating gardens used for growing food are called/
a) hieroglyphics
b) causeways
c) chinampas
d) terraces

What did the Incas use to communicate throughout the empere
a) causeways
b) carvings
c) trained runners
d) hieroglyphics

Why did other tribes hate the Aztecs?
a) sacrificed enslaved people
b) fought against the Spanish
c) did not believe in education
d) taught boys to be warriors

Mayas developed the system of writing called
a) chinampas
b) pyramids
c) calendars
d) hieroglyphics

People in the Incan Empire
a) had every aspect of their lives controlled
b) were permitted to set up their own governments
c) were forced into slavery
d) were allowed to vote on important matters

Mayan crop that was plentiful
a) tomatoes
b) beans
c) corn
d) squash

All Aztec children
a) attend school
b) work as farmers
c) be warriors
d) pay taxes

Raised road that connects and island to the mainland
a) a peninsula
b) causeways
c) stone walls
d) bridges

Incas use this to farm
a) llamas
b) chinampas
c) plows
d) terraces

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