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On a topographic map, a series of closed lines forming concentric circles would represent which of the following land features?
a) hill
b) road
c) river
d) valley

A hiker planning a trip up a mountain might want to select the side with the easiest hike. When looking at a topographic map, what would indicate the part of the mountain that would provide the easiest path for the hiker to take?
a) Contour lines spaced far apart
b) LArge elevation numbers
c) Several streams nearby
d) Many closed, concentric rings

All of the following are major agents of weathering and erosion EXCEPT --
a) water
b) ice
c) wind
d) inertia

All of the following land features can be represented by topographic maps except --
a) hill
b) valleys
c) rivers
d) clouds

How do contour lines tells us about the steepness of the slope?
a) the closer spaced the lines the more gentle the slope
b) the closer spaced the lines the steeper the slope
c) when the lines intersect or overlap the slope is steep
d) when the lines form a v-shape, the slope is more gentle

In what direction do V-shaped contour lines point?
a) downstream
b) upstream
c) downhill
d) north

How could a scientist use a series of topographical maps to find evidence of erosion?
a) compare the maps with maps of rainfall totals
b) use the maps to locate roads in the area
c) compare the maps for changes in the contour lines
d) use the maps to look for evidence of water

How can satellite views be used in studying the effect of global warming on a glacier?
a) to determine the age of the glacier
b) to determine the clarity of the water downstream
c) to measure how far the glacier recedes
d) to measure the amount of debris on the glacier

How could a satellite view be used to see if building a dam on a river blocks sediment from traveling downstream?
a) to measure the depth of the river without sediment
b) to measure the time it takes to travel to the mouth of the river
c) to observe the location of the dam
d) to observe how the river delta changes over time

How can a scientist predict what will occur to the rice fields that usually flood during a drought?
a) study historical weather data and crop yields
b) study satellite views of the area during the past times of drought.
c) study topographic maps of the area
d) study satellite views of corn fields experiencing drought

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