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A molecule is a specific combination of ______.
a) atoms
b) liquids
c) solids
d) gases

Which of the units of matter is the smallest?
a) atom
b) compound
c) element
d) molecule

An example of a compound is ______.
a) table salt
b) sodium
c) a single atom
d) gold

There are more than 100 known ____________ that make up all the matter in the world.
a) elements
b) compounds
c) molecules
d) mixtures

Which of the following is a solution?
a) salt water
b) mud
c) oxygen
d) iron

Which will produce a mixture with water?
a) mud
b) plastic beads
c) table salt
d) copper pennies

Anything that has mass and takes up space is called ______.
a) matter
b) volume
c) weight
d) state

An example of a compound is ________.
a) carbon dioxide
b) sodium
c) oxygen
d) hydrogen

What is one way that smaller bits of matter combine to form larger, more complex things?
a) atoms combine to form molecules
b) molecules combine to form atoms
c) elements combine to form atoms
d) compounds combine to form elements

How small are atoms and molecules
a) too small to be seen with any optical instrument
b) about the size of a grain of sand
c) about the size of a speck of dust
d) too small to be seen without a magnifying glass

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