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Earth is what planet from the sun in our solar system?
a) 1st
b) 2nd
c) 3rd
d) 4th

In which way is Earth different than other planets in our solar system?
a) Earth has a moon
b) Earth orbits the sun
c) Earth has mountains
d) Earth has lots of water

Why does the sun appears larger than stars that we see at night?
a) Daylight brightens the sun making it appear larger
b) Starlight bends as it passes planets, making it look smaller
c) The sun is closer to Earth than other stars, making the sun appear larger
d) Earth's atmosphere filters out light from other stars, making them appear smaller

What causes day and night on Earth?
a) tilting of Earth's axis
b) rotation of Earth on its axis
c) movement of Earth around the sun
d) movement of the sun around Earth

Why do nighttime stars appear so much smaller than the sun?
a) The stars are much smaller
b) The sky is much darker at night
c) The stars are much farther away
d) The moon blocks out most starlight

About how much of Earth's surface is covered by oceans?
a) less than 20%
b) about 50%
c) about 70%
d) more than 90%

What part of Earth experiences night at the same time?
a) less than 1/4
b) about 1/2
c) about 3/4
d) almost all

About how long does it take Earth to complete one orbit around the sun?
a) one day
b) one year
c) one month
d) two years

Which motion causes the pattern of day and night on Earth?
a) Earth rotates on its axis
b) Earth orbits around the sun
c) The moon rotates on its axis
d) The moon orbits around Earth

Why is the Northern Hemisphere warmer in summer than in winter?
a) Earth is moving more quickly in its orbit around the sun
b) Less sunlight shines on the Northern Hemisphere in summer
c) The sun gives off more heat in the summer than in the winter
d) More direct sunlight shines on the Northern Hemisphere in summer

Why does the sun appear to rise and fall in the sky each day?
a) The sun rotates
b) Earth orbits the sun
c) The sun orbits Earth
d) Earth rotates on its axis

Which best describes Earth's orbit around the sun?
a) zig-zag
b) circular
c) elliptical
d) rectangular

What determines the length of one day on Earth?
a) The time is takes Earth to circle the sun
b) The time it takes the moon to circle Earth
c) The time it takes Earth to rotate on its axis
d) The time it takes the sun to spin around its axis

Which correctly describes the movement of bodies in space?
a) Earth orbits the moon, and moon orbits the sun
b) The moon orbits the Earth, and Earth orbits the sun
c) The sun orbits the moon, Earth orbits the sun
d) Earth and the moon orbit each other

Which best explains why the amount of daylight increases each day in Ohio as the summer months approach?
a) Earth is moving closer to the sun
b) The rotation of Earth is slowing down
c) The moon is reflecting more light from the sun
d) The Northern Hemisphere is tilting more toward the sun

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