Taxonomy Question Preview (ID: 1833)

Covers Taxonomy And Classification.

What is the domain of all organisms whose cells have a nucleus?
a) Eubacteria
b) Archaea
c) Eukarya
d) none of the above

Who came up with the classification system that we use today?
a) Mrs.Patterson
b) Carolus Linnaeus
c) Aristotle
d) Watson and Crick

What kingdom contains multicellular photsynthetic autotrophs?
a) Plantae
b) Animalia
c) Protista
d) Fungi

What is the 2 name system used for categorizing organisms?
a) taxonomy
b) classification
c) binomial nomenclature
d) none of the above

Which of the following is a language used for classifying organisms?
a) English
b) Latin
c) Spanish
d) French

Which of the following shows the classification system in the right order?
a) kingdom, phylum, family, class, order,genus, species
b) kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species
c) kingdom, phylum, family, class, order, species, genus
d) kingdom, phylum, family, class, genus, species, order

What does a heterotroph do?
a) gets food from an outside source
b) makes it own food from the sunlight
c) lives in the water
d) stinks

a) taxon
b) cladogram
c) binomial nomeclature
d) domain

What is the science that specializes in naming and classifying organisms?
a) anatomy
b) biology
c) taxonomy
d) botany

Poison ivy is also known as Rhus toxicoderon. Its species is
a) Poison
b) ivy
c) Rhus
d) toxicoderon

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