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Which of the following statements regarding electrons is true?
a) Electrons are the largest particle and are found in the electron cloud.
b) Electrons are negatively charged and found in the nucleus of the atom.
c) Electrons and protons are the same size and have the same mass.
d) Electrons have a high probability of being found in an area called the electron cloud.

Which of the following determines an atom’s reactivity?
a) # of valence electrons
b) # of Protons
c) # of Neutrons
d) # of Photons

Which of thèse best describes one of the subatomic particles that could be found in the center of the atom?
a) It has a mass but no charge.
b) It has no mass and a positive charge.
c) It has a large mass and a negative charge.
d) It has no mass and an equal number of positive and negative charges.

If an atom has an atomic mass of 101 and an atomic number of 44, how many neutrons would it have?
a) 44
b) 57
c) 101
d) 145

What is the atomic number of Silicon? How many valence electrons?
a) 4;14
b) 14;4
c) 28;4
d) 42;14

Which of the following gives the correct number of each subatomic particle that make up a neutral Chlorine atom?
a) Protons = 7; Neutrons = 10; Electrons = 7
b) Protons = 8; Neutrons = 9; Electrons = 17
c) Protons = 17; Neutrons = 18; Electrons = 17
d) Protons = 17; Neutrons = 35; Electrons = 18

According to the periodic table, which of the following best represents a Nitrogen atom?
a) Protons = 7; Neutrons = 7; Electrons = 6
b) Protons = 7; Neutrons = 7; Electrons = 7
c) Protons = 7; Neutrons = 14; Electrons = 14
d) Protons = 14; Neutrons =7 ; Electrons = 14

Which two subatomic particles contribute the most to the mass of an atom?
a) Protons and electrons
b) Protons and neutrons
c) Neutrons and electrons
d) Electrons and the nucleus

There are three main types of subatomic particles in an atom. Which of these particles balance the charge of the atom?
a) protons and neutrons
b) electrons and neutrons
c) protons and electrons
d) protons, electrons, and neutrons

What is the charge of the electron, the neutron, and the proton?
a) Electrons are negative, neutrons are neutral, and protons are positive
b) Electrons are negative, neutrons are positive, and protons are positive
c) Electrons are negative, neutrons are neutral, and protons are neutral
d) Electrons are negative, neutrons are positive, and protons are positive

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