Colonization Question Preview (ID: 1832)

Test Your Knowledge Of The Colonial Era Of U.S. History.

The Lost Colony was
a) Plymouth
b) Jamestown
c) Roanoke
d) New Yorke

The Puritans settled in
a) Plymouth
b) Roanoke
c) New Yorke
d) Jamestown

Some who is loyal to one's country is called
a) a patriot
b) a servant
c) an immigrant
d) a symbol

An example of a primary source is
a) a biography
b) an encyclopedia
c) a diary
d) movie

The two sides that fought in the Revolutionary War were
a) Colonists and Native Americans
b) Mexicans living in Texas and the colonists
c) Great Britain and the colonists
d) The Northern States and the Southern States

The agreement that the first Colonists had on how to govern the new colonies was called
a) Bill of Rights
b) The Constitution
c) Declaration of Independence
d) The Mayflower Compact

When the British imposed high taxes on goods purchased by the colonists, the colonists decided to boycott, or refused to buy, those goods, what was an opportunity cost of this decision?
a) the colonists had to throw the tea in the harbor
b) the British had to force the colonies to pay taxes
c) colonists had to go without goods such as tea
d) the British became angry and threatened war

What was one way that the colonists adapted to the different environment in the New World?
a) they tried to get the Native Americans to change to their religion
b) they learned new ways to farm the land and find food sources
c) they refused to accept help from the Native Americans
d) they kept all the same practices that they used in England

How did most Europeans view the Native Americans?
a) as savages who needed to be converted
b) as helpful, peaceful people
c) as religious people
d) as highly civilized and intelligent

How many colonies were there?
a) 12
b) 13
c) 15
d) 14

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