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If I were going into a contact isolation room I would put my gloves on:
a) last
b) first
c) I wouldn't need gloves

Contact isolation does not require which of the following:
a) gloves
b) mask
c) gown
d) hand washing after patient care

Which of the following is true about the use of sterile technique?
a) hand washing is not required before donning sterile gloves
b) the sterile towel is sterile even at the edge
c) the sterile glove is placed on the non-dominant hand first
d) I can touch the wound care items as I remove them from the package

Which of the following requires contact isolation:
a) pneumonia
c) anemia
d) viral illness

Which illness requires a specially fitted mask and a negative pressure room:
a) C-Diff
c) VRE
d) Tuberculosis

What is the size of the non-sterile area around the edge of a sterile towel:
a) 1 inch
b) 3 inches
c) 1-2 inches
d) the whole thing is sterile to the edges

Why would you need to use protective eyewear in patient care:
a) to keep from breaking your own glasses
b) you should always wear protective eyewear in patient care
c) is case a bodily fluid splashes
d) it is part of a sterile dressing change

Standard or universal precautions include:
a) avoidance of eating and drinking in patient care areas
b) wearing personal protective equipment as needed when you may come in to contact with blood or body fluids
c) avoid wearing artificial fingernails
d) all of the above

PPE stands for:
a) Personal protective exposure
b) Personal protective equipment
c) Professional protective equipment
d) none of the above

An infection that a patient acquires while in a hospital is called a:
a) nosocomial infection
b) hospitalized infection
c) regular infection
d) viral illness

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