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A piece of white paper with cash and credit revenues?
a) Receipts
b) monies
c) books for profit
d) profit ratio

A career which involves the recording of income and expenses?
a) Bookkeeper
b) accounting
c) computer programmer
d) finical expert

When you own many items you have many ?
a) Assets
b) liabilities
c) capital
d) monies

When you have high credit debts you have many?
a) Liabilities
b) liberties
c) license
d) assets

The expenses at are set for each month?
a) fixed expenses
b) flexible expenses
c) sliding expenses
d) fluid expenses

When a town regulates business activities for certain areas?
a) Zoning Laws
b) Business laws
c) small business laws
d) zoning parking lots

The percetange paid for sales made?
a) commisions
b) accountling
c) reciepts
d) sales cash

An agency that provides assistance to businesses?
a) SMA Small Business Association
b) YWA-Youth Workers Association
c) BPA Business Partners Association
d) BA Business Assoication

Is the right to market another company's products or Services?
a) Fanchise
b) Assets
c) Liabilities
d) fraud

A person who organizes and manages a business?
a) Entrepreneur
b) Entrepreneaurships
c) Small Business
d) Big Business

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