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Precipitation that is more acidic than normal
a) acid rain
b) sewage
c) recycling
d) smog

Smoke and fog; Haze in the air
a) smog
b) pesticide
c) pollutant
d) recycling

Contamination of land, water, air, etc.
a) pollution
b) pollutant
c) incinerate
d) biodegradable

The breakdown of living things; can decompose
a) biodegradable
b) pollution
c) smog
d) recycling

To burn
a) incineration
b) pesticide
c) pollutant
d) pollution

Chemicals that kill organisms on crops or plants
a) pesticides
b) pollutant
c) smog
d) acid rain

Substances that cause pollution
a) pollutant
b) pollution
c) sewage
d) smog

Process of reusing material (turning it into something else)
a) recycling
b) biodegradable
c) smog
d) incineration

Human waste washed down the toilet, etc.
a) sewage
b) smog
c) acid rain
d) pesticide

Prefix meaning environment
a) eco-
b) bio-
c) bi-
d) di-

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