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The water resources of the Midwest are used to ____.
a) ship goods across the country
b) research new technologies
c) produce metal and steel
d) produce hydroelectric power

By 1900, the Midwest was ____.
a) a leader in steel production
b) behind in open-pit mining
c) suffering from a poor economy
d) experiencing a shortage of iron

Midwestern farms are still vital to the region's economy. Some farms are now ____.
a) owned by large companies
b) bring replaced by factories
c) not helping the economy
d) too small to produce large crops

The manufacturing of many products at one time is called ____.
a) mass production
b) iron
c) agribusiness
d) open-pit mining

_____ is a rock or mineral with iron or another mineral inside.
a) ore
b) agribusiness
c) assembly line
d) mass production

A line of workers and machines that are used to make a product in steps is the ____.
a) assembly line
b) open-pit mining
c) iron
d) ore

_____ can be turned into steel, which is used for making cars, tools, and strong buildings.
a) iron
b) assembly line
c) mass production
d) open-pit mining

The process of digging a pit, removing the top layer of soil, and taking the ore beneath the surface is called ____.
a) open-pit mining
b) iron
c) agribusiness
d) assembly line

_____ depends on companines owning large farms.
a) agribusiness
b) iron
c) open-pit mining
d) ore

How is technology important to the economy of the Midwest?
a) technology allows the farmers to make crops easier and assemble cars faster
b) technology lets us talk to each other
c) technology helps us make money
d) technology makes things run slower

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