Root Words Question Preview (ID: 1830)

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agri means?
a) field
b) man
c) star
d) life

anthropo means?
a) animal
b) foot
c) mind
d) man

astro means?
a) star
b) sleep
c) power
d) spacey

bio means?
a) one
b) life
c) hear
d) go

cardio means?
a) field
b) heart
c) great
d) hand

cede means?
a) none
b) after
c) go
d) gone

chromo means?
a) color
b) power
c) water
d) sun

demos means?
a) many
b) people
c) want
d) government

derma means?
a) skin
b) type
c) font
d) hear

a) mite
b) power
c) trick
d) magic

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