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What mathematical operation should be performed in the problem 1005/25?
a) Addition
b) Division
c) Multiplication
d) Subtraction

The symbol * is called?
a) Period
b) Asterisk
c) Ampersand
d) Colon

When solving a problem on the Numeric Keypad, which key is pressed to get the answer?
a) Equal
b) Sum
c) Enter
d) Tab

What are the homerow keys on the Numeric Keypad?
a) 123
b) 456
c) 789
d) 0, Period, and Enter

What key needs to be activated to activate the numslock keys?
a) Enter
b) Numslock
c) Tab
d) Capslock

One of numeric keypad, which math operator is used to find the sum of two numbers?
a) -
b) +
c) /
d) *

Ninety five percent of the students pass the exam. How should this be formatted?
a) 95%
b) %95
c) 95 Percent
d) Percent 95

In order to key the $ sign, the student must depress which key?
a) Enter
b) Capslock
c) Numslock
d) Shift

What is an example of the correct way to use a dollar sign?
a) 45$
b) $45
c) 4$6
d) Dollars 45 $

What symbol is used to find the difference?
a) *
b) -
c) +
d) /

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