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Who said the following words; We thought you'd make us a loan, so we don't put your scrawny butt in that trash dumpster over there
a) Uncle Jason
b) Travis
c) Malik
d) Tyray

Who said the following words; The back of the room seems a bit too distracting for you. Besides, people who sit in the front of the room tend to have much better grade point averages than those who sit in the back.
a) Tyray
b) Uncle Jason
c) Mr. Mitchell
d) mom

Based on her final decision about Tyray and Darrell, we can assume the principal
a) believes students who fight should get the same punishment, no matter what
b) believes Darrell was simply defending himself from Tyray's bullying
c) doesn't believe what she hears from Mr. Mitchell, Coach Lewis, and Miss Bea
d) thinks Darrell is a troublemaker who needs to be punished

The final scene between Darrell, Harold, Amberlynn, and Kevin suggests that
a) Darrell will continue feeling lonely and struggling to make friends at Bluford
b) no one really likes Darrell; they just fear him
c) they will band together and become the new bullies at Bluford
d) they are finally some people Darrell can truly call friends

You can conclude that Mr. Mitchell is the kind of teacher who
a) cares very much about the well-being of his students
b) thinks it's fun to watch students pick on each other
c) likes to give special treatment to students who are athletes
d) doesn't really notice what's going on between students in his class

Which of the following does Tyray NOT do to Darrell
a) steal his gym clothes
b) Slam him in the trash
c) Flip his cafeteria food on him
d) Lock him in his locker

Darrell joins the wrestling team
a) because he wants to stop feeling so weak and powerless
b) because Uncle Jason makes him
c) because Amberlynn says she'll go out with him if he does
d) so that he can beat up Tyray

Tyray starts bullying Darrell because
a) Darrell made fun of Tyray's mother being poor
b) Tyray thinks Darrell is small and weak
c) he knows Darrell's family has a lot of money
d) they are in different gangs

Darrell becomes friends with Harold because
a) Harold is big and strong like Malik
b) Harold threatens to bully him if he doesn't
c) Harold's grandma asks him to be friends with Harold
d) Harold welcomed Darrell to Blueford on Darrell's first day of school

The main reason Darrell likes the book Hatchet is that it
a) got him extra credit
b) is about wrestling
c) is about a weak boy who defeats a bully and goes out with a pretty girl
d) is about a weak boy who becomes strong inside and out

One of the lessons Darrell learns by the end of the story is
a) the little guy never wins
b) if you smile at people, you are guaranteed to make friends
c) no matter how much you try, you can't change what people think of you
d) inner strength is the most important kind of toughness

The main idea is
a) fighting is the best way to solve a problem
b) you should pick on others before they have a chance to pick on you
c) the only way to overcome fear of something is to face it head-on
d) the only way to be a real man is to play rough with others

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