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Put the following organisms in the correct oder to create a food chain: coyote, rabbit, grass, sun, and mushroom
a) mushroom - sun - grass - coyote - rabbit
b) grass - rabbit - sun - coyote - mushroom
c) coyote - sun - mushroom - rabbit - grass
d) sun - grass - rabbit - coyote - mushroom

Which of the following is true about the carbon dioxide/oxygen cycle?
a) plants make and give off oxygen, which animals need to survive
b) plants make and give off carbon dioxide, which animals need to survive
c) animals breathe out oxygen, which plants need to survive
d) plants give off carbon monoxide, which animals need to survive

In what part of the plant does photosynthesis take place?
a) root
b) stem
c) leaf
d) flower

In the process of photosynthesis, what do plants NOT need to take in to make food (sugar) for energy?
a) water
b) sunlight
c) carbon dioxide
d) oxygen

The process by which plants make food to give them energy is called what?
a) photosynthesis
b) transpiration
c) respiration
d) metamorphosis

Which of the following types of seeds are dispersed by wind?
a) dandelion and cattail
b) maple and dandelion
c) blackberry and lotus
d) sandbur and wheat

Butterflies undergo what type of metamorphosis?
a) incomplete metamorphosis
b) distinct metamorphosis
c) complete metamorphosis
d) they do not go through metamorphosis

What is the correct sequence of complete metamorphosis?
a) egg, adult, larva, pupa
b) adult, pupa, larva, egg
c) larva, pupa, egg, adult
d) egg, larva, pupa, adult

At what stages does the frog live in water and breathe with gills?
a) tadpole and tadpole with legs
b) tadpole and adult
c) tadpole with legs and aduly
d) froglet and tadpole

At what stages does the frog live on land and breather with lungs?
a) tadpole and tadpole with legs
b) froglet and adult
c) froglet and tadpole
d) adult and eggs

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