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factious : argumentative This is an analogy
a) rhapsodic : critical
b) efficacious : harmful
c) beneficent : kindly
d) facile : clumsy

parody : humorous This is an analogy
a) rhapsody : mournful
b) accrual : shrinking
c) ode : respectful
d) beneficence : harmful

Movies portray Tarzan as a primitive, ___ creature, incapable of deceit or trickery.
a) context
b) artisan
c) efficacious
d) artless

Which word refers to a person? Someone who does a humorous imitation.
a) beneficence
b) context
c) parodist
d) pretext

Which word describes the connection between rhapsody and ode? A poem, speech or writing
a) devotion
b) writing
c) music
d) truth

excrescence : outgrowth This is an analogy
a) facsimile : copy
b) context : page
c) depiction : tapestry
d) crescendo : music

crescere : to grow This is an analogy.
a) pingere : to paint
b) texere : to build
c) cantare : to argue
d) facere : to face

Pinocchio's lies cause his nose to grow, but when he ___ it returns to its usual size. To take back a statement.
a) accrues
b) depicts
c) mollifies
d) recants

Harry Potter and his friends learn ___ such as Flipendo! at Hogwarts. The chanting or speaking of words.
a) artisans
b) factions
c) incantations
d) odes

Even a young actor can appear old through the ___ of stage makeup. Craftiness, trickery, skill
a) artifact
b) artifice
c) context
d) depiction

Which word does not imply a change? A group or clique within a larger one.
a) excrescence
b) faction
c) mollify
d) recant

Which word does not include a derivation from the Latin verb, facio, facere, feci, factum? A picture or drawing representing words or phrases.
a) efficacious
b) faction
c) mollify
d) pictograph

Surfboarders must practice for hundreds of hours to become ___ at riding the curl of a wave. To do with ease-fluent.
a) artless
b) beneficent
c) facile
d) pictograph

To express his enthusiasm for American musical traditions, composer George Gershwin wrote ___ in Blue in 1924. A speech or writing with great enthusiasm.
a) Crescendo
b) Facsimile
c) Parody
d) Rhapsody

The Salk vaccine has proved to be a(n) ___ protection against the crippling disease of polio.
a) artless
b) excrescence
c) efficacious
d) crescendo

The Ming Dynasty of China produced the world's finest potters, ___ whose porcelain vases and figures are exhibited in museums today.
a) artisans
b) contexts
c) pretexts
d) excrescence

At times the noise in the New York City subway system reaches such a(n) ___ that it is impossible to carry on a conversation.
a) excrescence
b) crescendo
c) context
d) pretext

The Roman god Neptune is able both to provoke and to ___ the turbulent waves of the Mediterranean Sea.
a) mollify
b) depict
c) crescendo
d) efficacious

The witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts, may have been a(n) ___ for some members of the community to take water rights from their neighbors.
a) context
b) excrescence
c) crescendo
d) pretext

Understanding the meaning of the word bark depends upon its ___: trees or dogs?
a) excrescence
b) artisan
c) context
d) pretext

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